NFL Playoff Bracket

Nothing has been ordinary in the year of 2020 – and this year’s NFL Playoff Bracket will be one of a kind. One positive has been the NFL is back and rolling! We have seen some changes thus far in the NFL season as we approach the halfway point. For starters, most stadiums have little to none fans. Every day, players go through testing and must social distance outside of the facility. But, one change that was implemented to the NFL prior to COVID-19 was the new NFL bracket for the playoffs. 

As we will discuss the new NFL playoff bracket, let us first review the old one.

2019 NFL Playoff Bracket

In the past, only 6 teams from each conference made the playoffs. The top 2 teams in each conference received a bye week. Along with the four divisional winners came two wild card teams. In the Wild Card round, the 3 seed would host the 6 seed and the 4 seed would host the 5 seed. In the Divisional Round, the 1 seed would host the lowest seed remaining and the 2 seed would host the highest seed remaining. The two winners would then face each other in the Conference Championships. Of course, the winners in those rounds would face-off in the Super Bowl. 

Let’s take a look at the 2019 NFL Playoff bracket.

Last year, in the AFC the two teams with the bye weeks were the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. The two teams in the NFC with bye weeks were the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers.

The Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills were the wild card teams in the AFC. The Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings were the wild card teams in the NFC. We ended up with a Super Bowl featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. 

The Kansas City Chiefs played their best during the 2019 NFL playoffs and ended up winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. 

2020 NFL Playoff Bracket

This year, the NFL playoffs are going to look different. Back in March, the owners approved on the new playoff bracket

The NFL playoffs will now consist of 14 teams instead of 12. As a result, the NFL playoff bracket will look a little different. 

As displayed in the image, only 1 team will be given a bye week, which means an extra game gets added to Wild Card weekend. Now, 3 Wild Card games will take place in each conference. 

How does the NFL Playoff Bracket Work?

  • Both 1 seeds in each conference will get a bye week. 
  • In the Wild Card round, in both conferences, the 2 seed will host the 7 seed. The 3 seed will host the 6 seed. The 4 seed will host the 5 seed.
  • In the Divisional round, the 1 seed will host the winner of the 4 versus 5 matchup. The winner of the 2 versus 7 will face the winner of the 3 versus the 6. Whichever is the highest seed, will host the seed. 
  • In the Conference Championship round, whichever team has the higher seed, will host the game. 

The winners will then play in the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, Florida.