How to watch Sunday Night Football with the NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass has completely changed how viewers tune into the NFL Sunday action throughout the season. No longer is there a need to have multiple subscriptions to watch all the games throughout the season as the Game Pass has both audio and video for matches throughout the season. All that viewers will need to have is a strong internet connection to watch the action.

What Games Can You Watch On The NFL Game Pass?

The NFL Game Pass is the best way to watch the NFL Sunday action throughout the season, with pre-season and regular-season games available with the platform. As well as that, the important post-season games are also streamed live on the platform s after the regular season has ended.

The Game Pass is now the most enjoyable that it has ever been for customers, as they can take advantage of the NFL Audio Pass, NFL Field Pass and NFL Game Rewind, which were previously all separate packages. All of the packages were combined into one back at the beginning of the 2015 season. 

These are some of the biggest upcoming games that you can watch on the
NFL Sunday Night Football:

·  LA Rams @ Miami Dolphins  (01/11/20)

·  Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers (01/11/20)

·  Dallas Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Steelers (08/11/20)

·  Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints (08/11/20)

·  Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29/11/20)

·  Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers (06/12/20)

How Much Is The NFL Game Pass?

If you’re looking to sign up for the NFL Game Pass, then you will be able to take advantage of a free seven days before paying for a subscription. After completing your seven days, you will then need to opt for one of the following packages:

Price Per WeekN/A$18.99Free
Price Per Year$43.99$137.99Free
Live Games?NoYesNo
NFL RedZone?YesYesNo

The different packages all offer something slightly different, with the Free package just having 24/7 coverage of the NFL Network Live. Meanwhile, the Pro package is the one that all lovers of the sport should get, as you will be able to watch all 250+ games throughout the season, as well as the playoffs and the Super Bowl. As well as this, you will also be able to watch NFL RedZone on NFL Sunday and watch the latest touchdowns as they are scored.

The Essential pass will be the best choice for those fans that just want to watch the NFL RedZone, as it will not include the opportunity to watch any live action throughout the season. There is NFL Sunday in 60’ recaps and game highlights that you will be able to watch on this package. But, the recommended package that you should aim to get is the Pro package, as this is tailored to all fanatics of the sport.

Have Other Sports Adopted The NFL Game Pass Model?

The success of the NFL Game Pass was never in question, as the organisation had already seen the success of the NBA League Pass flourish. As well as the NBA equivalent, there is also one tailored to the NHL. However, the NHL version only lets fans watch 40 games a season, as well as highlights of the remaining fixtures. The closest platform to this is the NBA League Pass

Both platforms produce excellent content for the fans that are paying the subscription prices, but the prices are slightly different. The NFL yearly price to watch every game is $137.99, which is much cheaper than the $199.99 that it costs NBA fans. However, it could be argued that there are more games in the NBA, so it is rightly more expensive.

There is also another option for those looking to get an NBA League Pass, as they will be able to pay to watch just their teams play. This will cost customers $119.99 for the season, or $17.99 per month. There is also a third option available to fans on the NBA option, as they could pay the max price of $249.99, which includes all live games but without the advert breaks in the game.

What Is The Future Of The NFL Game Pass?

The future will continue to be bright for the NFL Game Pass, as new customers have been able to take advantage of the platform over the past couple of months for free of charge. It was revealed that the package would be free to viewers at the beginning of the year after the cancellation of sports leagues around the world.

However, that taster of their experience that they can get will likely have an impact on the number of people signings up. It is the best possible way to experience NFL Sunday action, as all games will be free throughout the season, including the Super Bowl.


Can I watch live games on the NFL Game Pass?

Yes, you can watch live games throughout the season with the Pro package.

How much does it cost to have the NFL Game Pass?

The price of the NFL Game Pass depends on the package that you’re signing up for. The Pro package will cost $137.99 for the year.

Can I get the NFL Game Pass for free?

You can take advantage of a seven-day trial before paying for a package.

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