Fantasy Football – Your Guide to NFL Fantasy

Fantasy football comes down to putting your skills at play – as a fantasy owner.
After you have joined a fantasy league – you will scout and draft players – like you where to play an actual NFL Conference yourself. You compete against other falsity owners within your fantasy league. It is important which league you choose – remember it is for fun but some also do play for money. That is all up to you!

When you are to play Fantasy Football you will walk through the following steps:

  1. Join a Fantasy League

    You can join a public Fantasy League – where anyone can sign up for a spot. If you are privileged there is an ability to join a private league – where you got the actual invitaion to play. Perhaps a friend invited you? Or a colleague at work?

    PRO TIP: Make sure to understand the league you join – along with all the rules that goes with it. The selection is important factor for the future journey in the Fantasy League

  2. Scout players to prepare your league for draft

    Before you choose your fantasy team – you need to research all of the available players – so you can basically pre-rank them to your preference how you would like to shape your Fantasy Football team. Here it is important to understand your leauge’s scoring system as well as the roster is crucial to the road to Hall of Fame.
    You must develop a rock solid draft strategy from day 1!

  3. Build your Fantasy Football Team in the draft

    The draft is the most fun day of the whole Fantasy season.
    During the draft – each Fantasy owner will select the NFL players until the rosters are complete. Fantasy football drafts can take place online – but usually in some leagues – with friends or such – you will make the draft in person. Make sure to draft all of the positions needed for a full team roster.

  4. Fantasy Season is here – Game day!

    During the Fantasy seasons – the real teams face each other and so does the Fantasy teams in your league. The player’s real-time stats are counted as Fantasy points by your league provider – and each Fantasy team that scores most points basically wins the game for that given week. The goal is to win as many games as possible – to make a cut to the playoffs.

  5. Improve your team

    As a Fantasy – similar to the NFL – you need to have total control of the game play. You can drop players that won’t make the cut and replace them with free agents. If one of your starts get injured during the Fantasy season, you can bench them and start a healthy player instead for the weeks game. You may even during the season trade offer to another owner within the same Fantasy league of yours.

  6. Playoffs is here!

    Hopefully your team was strong enough during the Fantasy seasons and you made it to the playoffs. The top teams within the Fantasy league square off in a single elimination tournament to the decade the Fantasy leagues champion. The last team standing is to win a trophy, a cash price, or just honor.

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